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How to prepare your house for a viewing.

Presentation matters and getting your home ready for a viewing might seem like a lot of hassle but buyers are coming to look around your property, and you should make an effort to show your home at its very best. If you follow our list of tips on “How to prepare you house for a viewing” you can make sure you are well prepared. 



Potential buyers will want to see every room in the house, so make an effort to clear away all the clutter. It is worth noting that “Clutter” does not mean every picture and ornament, just box up the kids toys and anything that might look busy or messy and move them out of sight.



This may seem obvious but it can often be forgotten. Clear out the bathroom toiletries and other items that seem to accumulate in the bathroom, bleach the toilets, clean the shower and put out some fresh towels. In the kitchen, clean and polish all surfaces, make sure to clean inside the oven and any other items that are on show. Dog beds and bowls should be moved out of sight also. A clean and fresh smelling house is a lot more attractive the buyers, even light a few candles to make property smell nice.



Open the curtains, turn on the lights and lamps. A light filled house will be a lot more appealing to potential buyers.



If it’s broken, then fix it… Potential buyers are more likely to pay more for a property that needs less work done after purchase. So take some time to fix anything that may be broken, replace light bulbs that are not working get the boiler serviced, it will be worth it in the long run.


Dress to Impress

Finishing your home with a few extra accessories can really make a difference, add some cushions or a throw to the sofa, add some flowers in the living areas and even put some fresh bedsheets on the beds.


Kerb Appeal

Buyers will often drive buy the house both prior to viewing and after, so it is worth tidying the house outside, hide the bins, cut the grass, remove any weeds from the garden, maybe even consider painting the front door if needs be. First impressions really do count!



If you have any pets, prior to the viewing, ask a friend or neighbour could they take them for an hour or bring them for a walk so they don’t distract any potential buyers and so they can access the whole house and outside spaces. 

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