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How to choose an Estate Agent.


Choosing the right Estate Agent is very important, after all, you are selling what is probably the most expensive asset you will ever own – but how do you separate the good agents from the bad agents and find the right Estate Agent for you.



Choosing the best estate agent.

Choosing an estate to sell your house is important but it does not have to be complicated. You should get at least 2 different estate agents to value your property. Obviously everyone wants to get the most amount of money for their property but don’t automatically go with the estate agent that has put the highest valuation on you property - they may well be doing this in order to win the business. A good indication of this is one valuation coming in a lot higher than the others.



Getting a valuation.

Move On offers free no obligation property valuations. You can book one here: http://www.moveon.ie/book.php. We will provide you with a detailed valuation and exactly how we go about valuing your property.




Beware of overvaluations, your estate agents job is to get you the highest possible price for your property. Properties that go on the market that are overvalued can have a negative effect on the sale, our research found that this can put potential buyers off even booking a viewing and will take a lot longer to sell, with the vast majority never reaching the overvalued asking price. Later in the selling process if you have to reduce the asking price this will also have a negative effect. Setting a realistic market value and asking price entices viewings and offers.



Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask your estate agent questions. Your estate agent will be working for you so make sure you are happy with both them and the service they are providing.

Be sure to ask the agent exactly what services they are offering;

  • Do they charge upfront?
  • Do they want a sole agency or joint agency?
  • Do you have to pay extra for marketing?
  • Do they provide for sale boards?
  • Will they still charge if they cannot find a buyer?
  • Does the agreement have a time limit?
  • Can you change agent of you are not happy?
  • Where will they be advertising your property?




How much do they charge.

In terms of what estate agents charge, this varies from company to company, this is also never usually very transparent. Most agents will charge and upfront or marketing fee of up to €500 and a commission of 1% - 3% + VAT of the sale fee. Be sure to ask for a breakdown on what they charge prior to hiring them.

With a Dublin average house costing €500,000 the estate agents fee can vary from €6,150 - €18,450.

Move On operates on a set fee basis, to sell any property we charge a flat fee of €1,800 or €2,500 depending on what services you require. We do not see the need to charge such massive commissions and we work on a no upfront fee and a no sale no fee basis. We believe in full transparency from the start so our customers know exactly what they will pay from day 1. You can view our fees here. Move On – Our Fees.




Final thoughts.

Make sure you get along with your estate agent and you trust them and that they have your best interests at heart. They will be your first point of contact throughout your sale and also for potential buyers, so they have to represent you and your property well. And remember to ask questions. 

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